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Hi everyone.

‘Hi Dimitra!’

Today we had fun listening to a dialogue between Dimitra and Rosa. You can listen to it at the following link

We answered the questions on the link and discussed whether we would stay in this country or return to our home country if given the choice. If you weren’t at the class, you are welcome to listen and comment. We also practised repeating each line of the dialogue ourselves – this would be good to do at home.

Which words matter?

We talked about the way important words were stressed. We discussed the ‘intonation’: which words went up in tone, and which went down e.g. ‘I’ve always lived in Sydney, ever since I migrated to Australia’ – the word ‘Sydney’ goes up in tone, to show that it is not the end of the sentence. If Dimitra only said ‘I’ve always lived in Sydney’ then the word ‘Sydney’ would go down in tone to show it was the end of the sentence.

If you want to listen to other podcasts the link is on the left of our blog: ‘ESL interview podcasts’.


After the break we played a matching game with phrasal verbs. An online version of these games is at (the numbers start from beginner and go to advanced)


We also wrote a short paragraph introducing ourselves and I corrected it. We noticed the difference between ‘I live in Burwood’ and ‘I study at Deakin’ (not ‘in Deakin’). We chatted to each other to practise talking about ourselves.

If anyone would like to write a short paragraph about themselves they can add it as a comment here (just use your username).

Have a good week!

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